February is #BlackComicsMonth on VixenVarsity.com



February is not only Black History Month, but I’ve dubbed February Black Comics Month. I’m not well-versed in Black comics and after participating in #BlackComicsChat on twitter, I found there are so many black comic writers and creators out there and many have no knowledge of this amazing fact. That’s where #BlackComicsMonth comes into play. After some brainstorming on my end, I approached Imani Lateef from PeepGameComix (think Comixology for black comic book creators) and after pitching an idea he was quickly on board.

#BlackComicsMonth will spotlight different African American creators and writers during the month of February. Here you’ll find previews and reviews of black comics you might not have never heard of and be able to purchase them and learn more by reading interviews about these talented individuals.

Best of all there will be a HUGE #BlackComicsMonth giveaway! Actually, there will be SEVERAL #BlackComicsMonth giveaways.

Get ready to overdose (in a good way) on Black Comics the entire month of February!

Black Comics Month