#BlackComicsMonth – Day 1 – Blacks in Comics – Isaiah Bradley


Blacks in Comics Isaiah Bradley

Isaiah Bradley is the Black Captain America. He was an early product of the United States’ Super-Soldier Program during World War II.

Isaiah Bradley was created by Axel Alonso, Robert Morales, and Kyle Baker. He made his debut for Marvel Comics in Truth: Red, White, & Black #1(January 2003). This story was heavily based on the Tuskegee Syphilis Study.

Bradley was one of 300 African American soldiers who were experimented on to try to recreate the super soldier serum that transformed Steve Rogers into Captain America. Bradley was one of only five survivors of these experimentations. To keep these experiments secret, US soldiers execute the camps commander and hundreds of black soldiers who were left at Camp Cathcart. These soldiers families were told they died in battle.

Bradley fought in Europe with the other four survivors in his test group. Eventually he is the only one left. He steals a Captain America uniform and shield, and goes on a suicide mission to destroy the super soldier serum efforts of the Germans. He succeeds in killing their lead scientist, but is captured in the process. He is about to be killed and dissected so the Germans can reverse engineer his powers and to send a message to the US. Bradley is freed by German Insurgents. After he returns to the US, he is court martialed and imprisoned at Leavenworth for stealing Captain America’s uniform and shield. Bradley is pardoned and released in 1960.

Isaiah Bradley is highly revered in the African American community in the Marvel Universe. He is considered the “Black Captain America”. He is, however, largely unknown outside of the African American community. At Black Panther’s and Storm’s wedding, many of the African American heroes are awestruck at his appearance, especially Luke Cage, who refers to Bradley as “the first me”. Wolverine, however, had no idea who Bradley was.

Isaiah Bradley is the grandfather of Elijah Bradley, also known as the Patriot. Elijah is a member of the Young Avengers.


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