#BlackComicsMonth – Day 7 – David Pinckney – Fight Like A Girl #1 and #2 Review



Fight Like A Girl comes from the minds of David Pinckney and Soo Lee, published by Action Lab Entertainment.

Amarosa is the heroine of Fight Like a Girl and her quest is an admirable one; to save her dying brother. We’re first introduced to Amarosa who’s awaiting a decision from the gods council, if she can be granted access to the wishing well to cure her dying sibling. The council of the gods debate whether Amarosa is worthy enough to not only get her wish granted, but to go through the trials. These trials Amarosa has to go through, if accepted, could result in her death. The council hints that the reason for the trials is to find the “artisan.” No clue as to exactly what this “artisan’s” role might be.

Ultimately the council decides that Amarosa has the “spunk and heart” and they grant her access to the wishing well. Now that Amarosa has access to enter the wishing well, she just needs to survive NINE trials. Once you enter, there’s no turning back. Survive or die.

Amarosa isn’t by herself during these trials, she has a “tour guide” to the places that she chooses. This sprite/fairy is full of sarcastic and wit and reminds me of the annoying N64’s The Legend of Zelda: The Ocaraina of Time character. The announcer fairy/sprite is to give helpful information to Amarosa while she stars in this “reality TV show” for the gods.

Before Amarosa begins her trials, we find out that Amarosa has a boyfriend who is there to support her on her quest; until he finds out that she’s going to go through with the trials. In book two, Amarosa had to put her boyfriend, Kaiden, in his place when he said something out of turn to our heroine. Sidebar: he totally deserved what happened. TOTALLY.

Amarosa begins her first trial and I have to say Amarosa is the Queen of trash talk. I’m definitely looking forward to all the quips that come out of her mouth. She reminds me of another young girl who went on to save this little town of Sunnydale. This is definitely one of my favorite panels, Amarosa questions the announcer on her first trial’s weak spot and this is what she got out of the convo:


The second trial Amarosa has to deal with was set in the future. Jet packs, cannons and desolation is the focus of the trials for issue #2. This book is “safe”, writing and color wise. I’d like to see some bigger chances taken as her trials go on.

There were some issues with the story, the first book was a bit too wordy for me. Way too much information being given in the council scenes. Some pages, the colors were just not hitting the mark, then the next page it was on target. Overall Fight Like a Girl is definitely a book I would give to my teenage nieces to read and they’d enjoy it. I’m definitely curious to see what trials lie ahead for Amarosa and will she overcome them to save her terminally ill brother.

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