#BlackComicsMonth – Day 8 – Blacks in Comics: Michonne

Michonne of The Walking Dead


(contains spoilers for The Walking Dead comic)

Michonne is in The Walking Dead comic. She was created by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. She made her first appearance in The Walking Dead #19. She is one of the main characters in the comic, and on the television show.

Michonne was a lawyer before the zombie apocalypse. She figures out that she can use zombies to “hide” from other zombies. She uses her boyfriend and his best friend as her camouflage. She cuts off their lower jaws and their arms so that they aren’t a danger to her. She helped a member of the group when he was trapped outside of the prison, and he takes her back with him to the prison. She quickly acclimated to the group. She gets especially close to Tyreese, developing a physical relationship with him, and causing his breakup with Carol.

Michonne goes out with part of the group to investigate a helicopter crash. While investigating the crash, the group finds Woodbury. They are captured by the Governor. He keeps them for a while, then lets them escape so he can find out where the prison is. He keeps Michonne, however, who he brutally rapes and tortures. Michonne gets free, however, and reverses roles with the Governor. She kills his daughter, who had already turned into a walker. She also brutalized the Governor, scooping his eye out with a spoon, and nailing his privates to the floor, among other things. She then escapes, and makes her way back to the prison.

michonne-weeps-1024x772Michonne is recaptured with Tyreese when she heads back to the Woodbury to finish off the Governor. The Governor uses Michonne’s sword to cut off Tyreese’s head when the group doesn’t leave the prison. Michonne escapes during the Governor’s attack on the prison, and eventually meets back up with the group after they are driven from the prison.

Michonne becomes an invaluable member of the group. She is an ultimate survivalist, and will do whatever it takes to survive. She develops a strong bond with Rick, the group’s leader. She trusts him, and always has his back. She has had a few different lovers in the comic, and they are all just stress relieving encounters for her. She doesn’t have a strong emotional bond with any of her lovers.

Currently in the comic, they had a war with another group. Michonne’s group won out. After the War, the comic did a time jump. Michonne currently isn’t in the comic, and it is a hotly debated topic on the internet. No one knows where she is, and what has become of her. And Robert Kirkman isn’t telling. Hopefully, we will find out soon where she is, and what her fate is in the comic book.the-walking-dead-season-5-michonne-portrait

I love Michonne on The Walking Dead show. She is portrayed by Danai Gurira. She really captures the spirit of the character. The really do an amazing job of showing her strength during these truly tough times. They have also done a great job of showing how fragile she is mentally, and how dependent she has become on the group, and especially Carl, to maintain her sanity.

Michonne is simply one of the best women characters in comics. She is strong, smart, and caring. She is also a badass who can hold her own. Robert Kirkman has done a great job of really developing her character, and showing her motivations. I love Michonne, simply put. You can learn more about Michonne by picking up these trades from The Walking Dead.