#BlackComicsMonth – Day 8 – Micheline Hess – Malice in Ovenland #1 Preview



#lackComicsMonth day 8 brings a preview from Micheline Hess’ Malice in Ovenland issue #1. Day 6, we previewed Malice in Ovenland issue #2. Today we were able to get our hands on issue #1 along with the books, so stay tuned later today for a review! In the meantime, check out the preview below.





Lily Brown is a bright, curious, energetic young girl from Queens, New York. She lives with her mom and loves reading and writing and spending time with her friends. But she hates cleaning!

So, when her mom forces her to stay home for the summer instead of going off to some fun soccer or riding camp, Lily fumes. She wants excitement and adventure. She doesn’t want to do chores.Little does she know that the greasy oven in the kitchen is about to give her more excitement and adventure than she can possibly handle.

Written by: Micheline Hess
Art by: Micheline Hess
Genres: Children’s, Fantasy
Page Count: 23 Pages
Digital Release Date: October 8 2014
All Ages