#BlackComicsMonth – Day 10 – Martheus Wade – Shinobi: Ninja Princess #1 and #2 Previews



BlackComicsMonth Day 10 brings us a Ninja Princess from Action Lab Entertainment writer, Martheus Wade. Below you’ll find previews of his Shinobi: Ninja Princess series, issues #1 and #2. Currently there are 5 books in the series, with the 6th issue dropping tomorrow. Pick up these titles before #6 comes out over on Comixology.


Shinobi: Ninja Princess #1
STORY BY: Martheus Wade
ART BY: Martheus Wade, Janet Wade
COLORS BY: Marvin Cheveallier
LETTERS BY: Kevin Williams
COVER BY: Martheus Wade, Tressa Bowling
PUBLISHER: Action Lab Comics
RELEASE DATE: August 27th, 2014








Jishin 自信 (Confidence): 14 year-old ninja princess Shianndrea Toshigawa and her strike team have a new mission: spy on their rivals, the Azumi Ninja Clan, and discover what secret dealings they have with the evil Emperor of Japan. But when the plan goes awry and fellow ninja Hamasuke is captured, can Shianndrea overcome her lack of confidence and save him before it’s too late?

Pick up Shinobi: Ninja Princess #1 here.


STORY BY: Martheus Wade
ART BY: Martheus Wade
COLORS BY: Marvin Chevealier
COVER BY: Tressina Bowling
PUBLISHER: Action Lab Comics
RELEASE DATE: October 8th, 2014






After successfully completing her first mission, Shianndrea is allowed to accompany Kim on reconnaissance to New Tokyo in order to spy on the Azumi Ninja Clan. Things can’t be better! However, just when things are getting cozy between the two ninja, Ai joins the mission, making these three ninja a crowd.

Pick up Shinobi: Ninja Princess #2 here.

Martheus Wade is a comic book illustrator, creator and graphic designer who has worked for many companies. A graduate of the University of Memphis, Martheus’ love for martial arts was a natural fit for creating the characters and storyline of Shinobi: Ninja Princess, an all ages adventure comic book originally published by Action Lab Entertainment. His creator owned titles, Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa and Turra: Gun Angel have both seen success and have been made into live action short films. He has illustrated for Maximum CNG, Bloodstream for Image Comics, Shooting Star Comics, Chaos Campus for Approbation Comics, and Andrew Dabb’s Slices just to name a few. Recently, he has worked on such titles as Action Man and Nanovor for IDW, Bad Girls Club for the Oxygen Network, Adventures of the Boobie Watcher from Universal Pictures, and illustrated, wrote, and produced a comic book crossover with his title character, Jetta, and William Tucci’s, Shi. His work has been used for the movie Role Models from Universal Pictures as well as the instructional DVD and book, Hi-Fi Digital Color for Comics available from IMPACT Publishing. He is currently working on a 4 issue follow up miniseries to Shinobi: Ninja Princess that will be published by his own imprint call MAW Productions.