#BlackComicsMonth – Day 11- Image Comics ‘The Empty’ Review



Lately, I have been reading more and more creator owned comic books. I have enjoyed reading different types of stories than the normal fare I get out of the big two. Being introduced into these new worlds with no restrictions is exciting. There is also some apprehension, because you don’t know what to expect and how things are going to play out.

This week, I decided to pick up The Empty by Jimmie Robinson. I saw Dean Vixen’s preview of the book for #BlackComicsMonth, and decided it was well worth the try. Jimmie Robinson is both the writer and the artist for The Empty. This doesn’t always work for me, as the writer isn’t always a good artist or the artist isn’t a good writer. It does work in The Empty, though. Robinson’s art really fits the story, and that’s what I really look for when I am reading a comic. My taste in the art will often change due to the tone and the tenor of the subject matter.

The Empty is an alien world, with things that are way different from what we see on our world. So everything looks different. And, when I say different, I mean WAY different. But it is a good thing. We are introduced to one alien race at the very beginning of the book. They make a decision to remove someone from their society, and you have no idea why. We are then taken to another alien race. We see Tanoor hunting for meat for her people. When she brings the meat back town, we learn of the plight of her people. We see that they are starving, due to the rot created by a mysterious root. Tanoor’s people have moved numerous times to try to find a place where they can survive. Tanoor thinks they should move again, but she is overruled by the elder of her village.

As Tanoor contemplates her next move, she discovers a body in the water. The person looks foreign to her, and she tries to help the person. The elder of the village is scared by what he sees as a bad omen. Tanoor helps the person, who turns out to be a part of the alien race that we see at the beginning of the story. Her name is Lila, and she speaks a different language and has no knowledge of Tanoor’s people. After Tanoor feeds Lila, Lila is then able to understand Tanoor and speak Tanoor’s language. It is soon discovered that Lila has an ability to heal infected plants, and let them grow good fruit. Tanoor asks Lila to help her heal the rotten root, and hopefully heal the land as well.

This was a good first issue. Many of the main characters have been introduced, and you have been given a slight basis for the plot. It is enough to get you interested, and curious about what is to come. I enjoyed it, and will definitely be picking up the second issue.