#BlackComicsMonth – Day 12 – Marcus Kwame Anderson – Snow Daze #1 Preview



Good morning! Day 12 for BlackComicsMonth is going to get a little chilly, so make sure you bundle up. It’s Snow Daze day here on Black Comics Month. We have a great interview with Snow Daze artist, Marcus Kwame Anderson, by Leonardo Faierman who just so happens to be Snow Daze’s writer. Definitely not going to want to miss that interview. A review of Snow Daze will be on BlackComicsMonth.com later today, so keep your eyes open for that as well. In the meantime, check out some Snow Daze preview pages from the dynamic duo, Leonardo Faierman and Marcus Kwame Anderson below.


Snow Daze #1
Written by: Leonardo Faierman
Art by: Marcus Kwame Anderson
Digital Release Date: June 18 2014
Publisher: Ill Demeanor Comics








Work for the Weary: Deluxe G-Mecha edition
Our story takes place on the streets of Oxenvale and follows Manolo “Nolo” Cienfuegos, a tough, ambitious teenager who is building a surprisingly lucrative snow shoveling empire with his crew. As his empire expands he wrestles with the success and stress that come with it, along with school, homework, girls, family responsibility and everything else a teen faces. This deluxe edition contains the bonus story, G-Mechadon Alpha Zegas.
Marcus Kwame Anderson: Artist
I was born in Kingston, Jamaica and moved to Albany, NY at an early age. I’ve been creating art for as long as I can remember. A black nerd long before it became somewhat en vogue, I grew up drawing comic characters and books. In high school I always had 2 things with me a sketchbook and a walkman. They were a lifeline that helped to keep me sane. That lanky teen grew up, had a family, became a teacher, poet, an emcee, illustrator, and last but certainly not least, co-creator of Snow Daze.

Leonardo Faierman: Writer
Born in Buenos Aires but left at 2 years old. That was a weird day at school when I learned I’d never become president. Had to settle for astronaut dreams. In the past I’ve published some poetry (I’m talking Kinko’s), made some music, and slowly became a professional creative procrastinator with a fistful of unpaid bills. 31 years of age now, paper-pusher extraordinaire, a sleeper-agent waiting for the time to strike. I’ve been wanting to write comics for over 20 years. This is it.

Snow Daze Website: http://www.snowdazecomic.com
Buy Snow Daze in Print: Snow Daze Issue 1 Comic Book
Snow Daze on Comixology: https://www.comixology.com/Snow-Daze/comics-series/22068