#BlackComicsMonth – Day 12 – Marcus Kwame Anderson – Snow Daze #1 Review


Snow Daze #1

Snow Daze #1 is a comic written by Leonardo Faierman and drawn by Marcus Kwame Anderson. Faierman and Anderson are two creators trying to get their comic book out to the mainstream. They have the first issue of Snow Daze, along with a webcomic called Snow Daze: Mientras.

The premise of Snow Daze is a group of kids who earn money shoveling snow. Now, that concept seems kind of simple on the surface, but this isn’t the normal snow removal service that kids do. They have really taken it up a notch, and make serious money when the snow hits. All kids love it when it snows, but these guys REALLY love it when it snows.

This group is led by Manolo “Nolo” Cienfuegos. Nolo moved out of the inner city with his mom. He is the brains of the operation. Nolo is very well organized, intelligent, and driven to make as much money as possible. On his quest to dominate the snow shoveling business in his town, Nolo is assitted by Franklin “Boy” Cole and Guillermo “G-Mo” Hernandez. G-Mo is lazy when it comes to everything but the snow shoveling business. Boy is a hard working introvert who has a very interesting home life.

This first issue sets up the series, and what we have to look forward to. We see how Nolo gets started in shoveling snow for money, and how the group has grown, and the different stages their business goes through to get to where they are now. It is a very interesting story and one I am looking forward to seeing how it continues. Reading the webseries really helps add more depth to the foundation established in this first issue.

Snow Daze is an interesting coming of age type of comic book. While it is different than what I would normally read, I was entertained and intrigued. The characters are well developed and interesting. If you want to check out a comic book that’s different than what you would normally find in the comic book store, head on over to their website, SnowDazeComic.com. Let me know if you enjoyed it as much as I did.