The Walking Dead: Chad Coleman on Playing Tyreese “Yeah, I Wanted to Die”



AMC shared a beautiful tribute of Chad Coleman who played Tyreese on The Walking Dead. Tyreese was introduced in issue #7 of the comic book series. Chad Coleman played a slightly different character than how Tyreese was portrayed in the comic book series. Tyreese definitely wasn’t a gentle soul in the comic, whereas TV version was a gentle giant with a huge moral compass, which ultimately led to his demise.

Chad Coleman speaks on playing Tyreese and let’s it be known that he wanted to die in the scene where he was surrounded by walkers.

Yeah I wanted to die. I stepped out into a crowd of those things and I wanted to take everything out on them til they took me. Chad Coleman mentions that “The Grove” was the greatest television experience of his life. On the death of Tyreese, Chad states that He [Tyreese] wasn’t for this world any longer, but the way he chose to live, I can only hope is embedded in all these other characters. I hope they can hear him and feel him and I hope that it will lead to choices that will help further life and get to that place where they can get that community going on and we can just keep building out. So you hope they can stand around and say, ‘Tyreese will be really proud of us.’

Watch the touching tribute to Tyreese below.