#BlackComicsMonth – Day 14 – Blacks in Comics – For The Love of Storm



Being that it’s Valentine’s Day, BlackComicsMonth wanted to celebrate this love filled holiday with the love of Storm. Storm has had her share of relationships, so we wanted to showcase them and have a poll on who’s your favorite relationship. Think of it as the VH1 equivalent to Flavor of Love or For the Love of Ray J. Everyone wants a piece of Storm, can you blame them?


In no particular order, here are the men that won our weather Goddess over and took a piece of her heart.

Storm and Forge:


During the Uncanny X-Men run Storm met a fella named Forge, who assisted her when she was accidentally hit with a neutralizing power gun that was meant to disable Rogue’s powers. Thanks to Forge, Storm was able to adapt to life without powers.


The pair fell madly in love with each other. Unfortunately there was one problem. The gun that took away Storm’s powers…Forge created it! YIKES!


That didn’t end well at all. However, they did rekindle their romance and he helped Storm to get her powers back!

Storm and Black PantherStorm’s other major relationship was with the Black Panther. Their relationship actually started as they were preteens. Storm lost her virginity to T’Challa when she was 12. As T’Challa became leader of Wakanda, and Storm joined the X-Men, they grew apart and went in different directions. As they got older, their relationship rekindled. T’Challa came to realize that the only woman he viewed as his equal was Storm. He courted her, and eventually asked for her hand in marriage. Storm became the queen of Wakanda. Storm and Black Panther became one of the power couples of the Marvel Universe. Black Panther and Storm don’t always see eye to eye on issues, and they often find themselves on opposing sides. They battle Doctor Doom, replace Reed Richards and Sue Richards of the Fantastic Four during their marriage. Eventually, they split during the Avengers vs X-Men story line, after Namor floods Wakanda when he gets part of the Phoenix Force.

storm and wolverine kiss

The other character that has been linked to Storm romantically is Wolverine. Although nothing has ever been out-and-out confirmed between those two, they have had a very flirtatious relationship. And, as you can see in the page above, that isn’t a friendly kiss. It is something more. They have a very close bond, and relied on one another greatly. And, Storm’s reaction after Wolverine’s death also suggests they were more than just friends.

storm and wolverine

Storm is one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel Universe. She is also one of the most beautiful characters. So it comes as no surprise that she is one of the most desired women in comics.

Who was your favorite Storm lover?