#BlackComicsMonth – Day 14 – Celebrating Black Love In Comics – Tyreese and Michonne of “The Walking Dead”



Today is Valentine’s Day. To help celebrate this day for lovers, I will be covering the loves of Tyreese and Michonne of The Walking Dead. They are two of my favorite characters from the comic and they will always be connected.

(This post contains spoilers for The Walking Dead comic)


When Tyreese first joined the group, he got really close to Carol. They eventually became lovers and a couple. Their relationship starts as a flirtatious one when Tyreese joins the group. They eventually become lovers. They stay a couple until Michonne joins the group. Michonne seduces Tyreese, and this of course causes issues for Carol and Tyreese. This tension eventually spills over to the group, and Tyreese and Rick fight over Tyreese’s treatment of Carol. Carol eventually has a mental break, and is killed by zombies.


Tyreese and Michonne develop a very strong relationship. Tyreese helps Michonne open up, and become more a part of the group. When the Governor rapes and beats Michonne, Tyreese tries to comfort Michonne. At first she doesn’t want his comforting. Eventually, Michonne comes to Tyreese and he comforts her. They remain together until they are captured by the Governor as they head to Woodbury to kill the Governor so they can end the fight between their group and Woodbury. Tyreese is killed by the Governor. Ironically, the Governor uses Michonne’s katana to behead Tyreese. Tyreese’s death really affects Michonne, as his absence really accentuates her feelings of loneliness.Michonne_y_Morgan

When the group comes across Morgan, Michonne is instantly attracted to him. As they get to know each other, Michonne is initially turned off by Morgan still dwelling on his wife’s death. Michonne is also still mourning over Tyreese’s death. Eventually, Morgan and Michonne find comfort in one another. They are able to move on, thanks to the other person. Unfortunately for them, Alexandria is overrun by zombies, and Morgan is bit. Michonne stays with Morgan until he dies and turns. Michonne then puts Morgan down.


Rick and the group at Alexandria are then introduced to the other settlements in the area as they try to stop a common foe, Negan. As they go around, Michonne meets King Ezekiel, the leader of the group that calls themselves the kingdom. Michonne and Ezekiel hit it off, as Ezekiel hasn’t run across a woman like Michonne since the apocalypse. They become lovers, and Michonne fights by Ezekiel’s side during the war with Negan. She keeps him in check when he has low confidence during the fighting. They haven’t been seen since the end of the war, so we don’t know their status right now. Hopefully we will know soon the fate of Michonne and Ezekiel.

Tyreese was caught in a love triangle with Carol and Michonne. He wasn’t looking to hook up with Michonne, but he allowed it to happen. Things got a little tense around the group because of it. It led to Carol’s mental break, and eventual death. Tyreese and Michonne had a good relationship that seemed to be growing stronger, until they are captured by the Governor, and Tyreese is killed.

Michonne hasn’t had much luck when it comes to lovers since the apocalypse has started. First her boyfriend dies not long after the start of the apocalypse. Then Tyreese is killed by the man who raped and beat her, using her own sword no less. Then Morgan is killed by a zombie. We don’t know the fate of Ezekiel right now, but given the history of Michonne’s lovers, I would have to bet against Ezekiel.

The zombie apocalypse may not be the best place for love.