#BlackComicsMonth – Day 14 – Kim Gaines – Eventide Preview



Happy Valentines Day! We’re hope you’re loving BlackComicsMonth. Day 14 will bring a few tender loving moments shared between black comic book characters later on today, but for now, preview this upcoming comic from black comic book creator, Kimberly Gaines. Eventide will be available this June, visit GrubMachine for updates on this awesome series. Kimberly Gaines is also donating something great to the BlackComicsMonth giveaway so make sure you enter here.

And now…Eventide

Eventide - Promo Poster Color

Eventide Page 1

Eventide Page 2

Eventide Page 3

Eventide Page 4

Around here, nightfall isn’t just a sunset. It’s a hunting ground. Eventide is the story of five ordinary teenagers who get sucked into a brewing war against soul eating night hunters called Yokai. And while these kids don’t have anything in common, they’re going to have to get over it real quick if they hope to make it out of this alive. The bad news? They are entirely out of their league. The good news, though? They might not be as alone as they think.

But night is coming, guys. And it’s a long way to dawn.

About Kim Gaines:

Every once in awhile, I come up with a relatively cool idea, and I turn to these cool people to help me bring it to life. I started Grub Machine to tell the stories that I wanted to hear.  And I was lucky enough that these amazing people wanted to hear them too. Works on: creating work that needs to be worked on  

instagram: @kimmpossible__
twitter: @kimkgaines
tumblr: kimm-katastrophe