#BlackComicsMonth – Day 15 – Kiara Williams – The Electric Rose Preview



It’s day 15 for BlackComicsMonth and today we’re spotlight an awesome web comic series that’s been around since 2013, The Electric Rose. This series is brought to you by Kiara Williams from South Carolina. This web comic series is updated regularly over at ElectricRoseComic.com. Enjoy the preview of the book below and get your binge reading on.


What happens when three normal girls in high school are ripped straight out of their beds and brought to a completely different planet? Why, they’re asked to save it, of course! Agreeing to become a Barrier Guardian could mean the lives of Elysia and her friends, but choosing not to could mean the end of their world. So what do they do? And will these three girls even survive long enough to decide?

electric-rose-barrier electric-rose-pg1 electric-rose-pg3 electric-rose-pg4 electric-rose-pg5 electric-rose-pg6 electric-rose-pg7

About Kiara Williams

Kiara Williams is a Class A geek born and raised in Columbia, SC. Drawn to fantastical stories from a very young age, it seemed only natural to eventually start to write them herself. Kiara frequently got in trouble for drawing in class throughout her childhood, but it paid off when she got a degree in Illustration from Winthrop University in 2013. She is currently working as a freelance designer and drawing a weekly Magical Girl webcomic called ‘The Electric Rose’. You can find her over at BlacQueen.com

Purchase print versions: blacqueen.com/buy
Blog: theelectricrose.tumblr.com
Twitter: ERoseComic