#BlackComicsMonth – Day 19 – Blacks in Comics – Falcon, the New Captain America




The Falcon was created by Stan Lee and Gene Colan for Marvel Comics. Falcon debuted in Captain America #117(Sept. 1969). Falcon is mainstream comics first African-American super hero. Falcon is also the first black super hero that did not have “Black” in his title.

Falcon’s real name is Sam Wilson. After his parents died under tragic circumstances, Wilson moved to Los Angles and started living a life of crime. he came under the influence of the Red Skull, who planned on using Wilson to get to Captain America. While under the Red Skull’s influence, Wilson finds and befriends Redwing, a falcon that he has an unbelievable strong bond to. Wilson befriends Steve Rodgers, and overcomes the influence of the Red Skull. Wilson takes on the costumed identity of the Falcon, and trains under Rodgers help those less fortunate. He becomes Captain America’s partner, and assists him in his battles.

Falcon has been a member of the Avengers. He has also lead S.H.I.E.L.D.’s super human agents. Falcon uses a powered suit to fly, and has a telepathic link to his falcon so he can see and hear what the falcon sees and hears. He also has some control over birds in his area.All-New-Captain-America-Issue-1-Header

Falcon has become the new Captain America, replacing Steve Rogers when his super soldier serum was negated. The choice to make Falcon the new Captain America was pretty big news when it was announced in July. He debuted as the new Captain America in The All New Captain America #1. So far, the title has shown the adjustment of Sam Wilson being the new Captain America. He has a lot to live up to, as Steve Rogers is considered the greatest Marvel hero. It has been an interesting start for Falcon as Captain America.

falcon-posterFalcon has appeared on The Super Hero Squad, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and Avengers Assemble. He was be portrayed by Anthony Mackie in Captain America: Winter Soldier.

I used to think Falcon was pretty corny as a kid. He just never did anything for me. Now, I like his character a lot more. He was just a lackey before. Now he is treated and acts more like an equal with the other heroes that he appears next to.