#BlackComicsMonth – Day 23 – Eric Dean Seaton – Legend of the Mantamaji Book 1 Preview



Legend of the Mantamaji from Eric Dean Seaton kicks off day 23 on BlackComicsMonth.com. Seaton has helmed over 38 different shows, 195 episodes of television, 18 music videos, two pilots for Nickelodeon, “Bad Fairy,” and “Sketch,” as well as a two pilot for Disney XD, “Mighty Med,” which currently shooting its first season and “Kickin’ It,” which is currently in production in its fourth season. You might know of Seaton’s work since his debut directing Disney Channel’s top-rated sitcom, “That’s So Raven” in 2004, he’s dreamt of being a comic book creator since his childhood in Cleveland, Ohio.

Legend of the Mantamaji has 3 books out, the latest dropping on February 11th of this year. Let’s take a look at book one shall we?


Legend of the Mantamaji Book 1
Eric Dean Seaton (Author)
David Ellis Dickerson (Editor)
Brandon Palas (Illustrator)
Paperback: 216 pages
Publisher: And… Action! Entertainment; 2nd edition
(October 8, 2014)

BookOne Sample Page 1 (1)

BookOne Sample Page 2 (1)

BookOne Sample Page 3 (1)

Legend of the Mantamaji tells the story of Elijah Alexander, a rising Assistant District Attorney in New York who learns he is the last of a race of mystical knights called the Mantamaji, who once protected mankind. When an ancient evil is resurrected, Elijah has to learn to turn his back on everything he’s worked for, accept his birthright, and learn how to use his magical warrior abilities to defeat the greatest threat the Mantamaji ever faced—without being distracted by his grief, his anger, and one terrible betrayal.

Legend of the Mantamaji is a three-book graphic novel series whose sweeping tale of magic and mystery, heroes and villains, has a fresh look, a modern setting—and an ancient beat.

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