#BlackComicsMonth – Day 23 – Eric Dean Seaton – Legend of the Mantamaji Book 1 Review




Legend of the Mantamaji Book One by Eric Dean Seaton and Brandon Palas is a very interesting book that uses a type of story that isn’t used as much as I would think. I really enjoyed the book, and highly recommend it.

Legend of the Mantamaji is about New York Assistant District Attorney Elijah Alexander. Alexander is a hot shot lawyer who is trying to make an impact on the city, so he can end up on top. He was raised by alone by his mother, and they moved around a lot when he was young. This has given Alexander a drive to excel in life. He has a beautiful girlfriend and has the city eating out of the palm of his hand. He is arrogant, but not in a bad way.

His mother, Mariah Alexander, comes to New York to visit Elijah. This is when things really change for Elijah. His girlfriend is investigating a group called the New World Knights. She believes they are responsible for a lot of the crime in the city, but no one takes her seriously. At the same time, people in the city are being helped by a group led by Brother Hope. When Noah shows up at Elijah’s house to talk to Mariah, we see that all the stories Mariah had told her son were actually true. And that Brother Hope is actually Sirach, an ancient enemy of theirs. We see that Elijah is the last of the Mantamaji, an ancient group of protectors of the human race. This is when the story really picks up and the action starts to come fast.

I really enjoyed this story. I really connected to the characters and bought into the story. Fantasy stories don’t often include Africn American characters, and I think that is something that is underutilized. So it was refreshing to see this kind of story. I loved the dialogue that Eric Dean Seaton used for he characters. The story flowed and gave fully engrossed you.

I enjoyed the art of Brandon Palas. It was very clean and brought the action to life. I think that is one of the toughest aspects of comics is to make the action panels flow. Palas does that extremely well.

If you are looking for a a good fantasy book that has strong art and a great story, I suggest you pick up The Legend of the Mantamaji. It has fantasy elements, magic, good action, and good dialogue.

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