#BlackComicsMonth – Day 23 – Shawn Pryor – Exo-1 and the Rocksolid SteelBots Review



Back on day 2 of BlackComicsMonth, we featured Shawn Pryor’s Exo-1 and the Rocksolid Steelbots today, we have a review from writer Dele Mage who’ll be interviewing Shawn at a later date. Check out his review below and pick up this book from Action Lab!


As with all things, stories need beginnings. Written by Shawn Pryor and Adam Besenyodi and illustrated by Daniel Logan, EXO-1 tells the story of a deep cover covert op gone horribly wrong and its ramifications on the family of it’s key member.

The one-shot story focuses on Peter Rians, the grandson of a member of the aforementioned deep cover team. He is, quite literally, haunted by the past. In spite of this, he has managed to become the head of a multi-million dollar company of his how making. A true ‘against-all-odds’ success story. But he cannot escape the legacy of his grandfather, Daniel. By the time he wraps his head around the mystic and technologically advanced people out to kill him, it may be too late.

The art in EXO-1, in both it’s stylistic choice to forgo color and in it’s execution, reminded me of Kevin Eastman’s early work on TMNT, circa 1986. It lends itself to the sci-fi/fantasy nature of the story, but there are a few time where the panels get washed away some in the greys. This muddies the action a bit and it can get confusing.

All things considered, EXO-1 AND THE ROCKSOLID STEELBOTS is a great effort coming from an indie studio headed by Shawn Pryor. I’m certain we’ll be seeing bigger and better things from ACTION LAB in the future.

You can check out the preview for EXO-1 and the Rocksolid Steelbots here and pick it up on Comixology for $2.99!

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