#BlackComicsMonth – Day 26 – Black Characters in Comics: Black Lightning


BlackLightningBlack Lightning made his debut in Black Lightning #1(April 1977), and was created by Tony Isabella and Trevor Von Eeden for DC Comics. Black Lightning was one of the first Black superheroes in DC Comics.

Black Lightning’s real name is Jefferson Pierce. He was an Olympic decathlete who won the gold medal. He returned to his hometown of Metropolis with his wife and daughters. He became the principle of his old high school in the bad part of town. Seeing how the neighborhood was being ruined by gangs and corrupt politicians, Pierce decided to use his suppressed metahuman(mutant) powers to help. He is able to project black lightning bolts, fly, and create a force field. He takes on the identity of Black Lightning to protect his family.

Later, Black Lightning would be a member of Batman’s team, the Outsiders. He also was a member of the Justice League, and the Justice League of America. He later served with his daughter, Thunder, on the Outsiders. Black Lightning also has teamed up with Mr. Terrific and the Green Arrow.

Black Lightning has appeared on Batman, The Brave and The Bold, Young Justice, and DC Nation Shorts. He inspired the Black Vulcan character that appeared on Super Friends. The comedian Sinbad portrayed him in a SNL skit based on the “Death of Superman” story that was happening at the same time in comics. It was hilarious.blacklightning sinbad

Black Lightning is an awesome character that hasn’t quite gotten his due.