#BlackComicsMonth – Day 26 – Black Characters in Comics: Spawn



Spawn was created by Todd McFarlane for Image Comics. Spawn made his debut in Spawn #1(May 1992).

Spawn’s real name is Al Simmons. He is a covert operative with the C.I.A., who carried out assassinations for the government. Simmons came to realize some of the murders he had committed were not justified, and Simmons started questioning the motives of the people in power. This was discovered by his higher-ups, and they decided to kill Simmons because he knew too much. Jason Wynn, Simmons’ boss, hired Chapel, Simmons’ partner, to cry out the task. Chapel killed Simmons, and Simmons went to Hell for knowingly killing innocent people.

In Hell, Simmons made a deal with Malebolgia, selling his soul so he could see his wife Wanda again. Malebolgia sends Simmons back as a Hellspawn, not remember what he had done and five years after his death. Once Simmons sees his wife, who is now married to his best friend whom she has a child with, and remembers everything and is distraught t the turn of events. Simmons is then attacked by the demon Violator, who reveals Simmons true purpose as a Hellspawn, which is to led the forces of Hell against the forces of Heaven. Simmons rejects this, and determines to use his powers to protect his wife and her family, and to stop the forces of Heaven and Hell from destroying the world.

Spawn has super strength, healing ability(I mean he is already dead), hs supreme hand to hand fighting skills, and a cape and chains that he can control with his mind and do almost anything he wants with them. Spawn has always been one of my favorite books since the first time I read it. I love the depth and the development of the character, and the supporting cast around him. It was always interesting to see the evolution of Spawn from how he was living, and how he is now. He has developed a very close relationship with Wanda’s daughter, Cyan. He is almost like her guardian angel. Spawn was the definition of the anti-hero of the 90s.20140221-133743.jpg

Spawn was one of the biggest selling books of the 90s. This lead toa cartoon on HBO, which was amazing. There was also a live action film, that is a cult classic. The things they did with Spawn’s cape and chains in the movie are what set it truly apart.