#BlackComicsMonth – Day 27 – Che Grayson – Rigamo #1 Preview



Rigamo #1 was written by Chelsea Grayson with art by Sharon De La Cruz.

Rigamo is a new mixed multi-media endeavor about a young superhero, Kera Moore. Kera is a young girl who accidentally stumbles upon a secret ability: her tears bring people back to life. However, there is one caveat: when she brings someone back to life, she ages by multiple years.

We start off the story with 6-year-old Kera who discovers that her goldfish has died. This is her first experience with death, and as she cries her tears fall into the fishbowl.

The next day the fish is revived, but Kera wakes up to find herself 9 years old. Now that she’s discovered her power, Kera must make a choice: should she use her power for the greater good even though there’s a high probability that she will lose an unknown number of years of her own life?







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Che Grayson is a New York based filmmaker from Long Island, New York. She received her B.A. from Tufts University studying English and media studies and communications. Her documentary photography work in places that include Vietnam, Arizona and the Pine Ridge Reservation sparked a passion for storytelling. As an MFA candidate at New York University’s graduate film program, she has written and directed several short films and was the winner of the Splendid Student Film Contest for her commercial “Breathe, Relax,” and is currently in post-production for her super hero short film, Rigamo.