#BlackComicsMonth – Day 28 – Yorli Huff – Superhero Huff #1 Preview



Superhero Huff from Yorli Huff is a comic book series that is about a strong young black female undercover police officer that has special powers from birth. She is a no non-science Foxy Brown/Christy Love type that is tech savvy. She understands from growing up in the hood that she needs to be more of a giver than a taker and she moves back to the hood to do just that. She moves back to the family building located on the West Side of Chicago in K-town to restore safety, hope and increase literacy. She is strong willed person with an overwhelming personality that changes the atmosphere. You can expect to go on a life journey with Special Agent Phaedra as she grows
mentally, spiritually and physically.



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Superhero Huff book 4

Yorli Huff was born on August 7, 1968, in Chicago, Illinois, to Jansilyne Berthania Huff and Samuel Huff. 1992 in Chicago with the Cook County Sheriff’s Police Department as a Special Drug Agent at the tender age of twenty-four. In 1997, after trying unsuccessfully to deal with that discrimination on her own, Huff made history when she filed a lawsuit against the Cook County Sheriff’s Police Department, a battle which took her eleven years to win. A powerful international motivational speaker that is an entrepreneur at heart, Huff is the Founder, President, and CEO of Engendering Strength, Inc., a company devoted to inspiring and empowering people.

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