#BlackComicsMonth – March 3rd – Blacks in Comics – Marvel Comics Preview: Wolverines #9


Two days ago I came across this beauty and I had no idea who she was, just that she was in a book called Wolverines and I needed to put my paws on it immediately. See what I did there?


I asked on twitter who was this stunning beauty and a few minutes later the man behind this book answered.

This book was from issue 3 and little did I know it’s a weekly, so I have TONS to catch up on. Here’s the preview for Wolverines issue #9 from Charles Soule, Peter Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs which is available tomorrow at your local comic book store.


STORY BY: Charles Soule
ART BY: Peter Nguyen, Derek Fridolfs
COLORS BY: John Kalisz
LETTERS BY: VC – Cory Petit
COVER BY: Nick Bradshaw, FCO Plascencia
PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics
RELEASE DATE: March 4th, 2015





• Daken takes center stage in this exploratory issue on his past, present and future…but what does that mean when Fang is the one doing the exploring?

• Shogun is constantly battling his inner demons, so what happens when his inner demon completely takes over?

• Fantomelle and Culpepper on a new mission focused on…Wolverine?