Looks Like Anthony Mackie is Studying for a Captain America: Civil War Role



Has Civil War started shooting already? During an interview back in January, Mackie stated that shooting starts next month (April), but a tweet to Marvel shows that Anthony Mackie has some free time on his hands. In this tweet to Marvel, there’s nothing but the new Captain America series along with Captain America and the Mighty Avengers. Is this a clue of what might be taking place in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie? Will Falcon be taking over the role of Captain America? Dunno…but let us get our speculation on, shall we?


Back in January, Mackie spoke briefly about Captain America: Civil War. Let’s just say it’s a wing-ding-doozy of a time. The great thing about it is, after seeing The Avengers I joked and said Captain America 2 was Avengers 1.5. Now with Avengers 2 coming out… Captain America 3 is so far beyond Avengers 2.5 and onto the realm of Avengers 3.8. It’s by far one of the most stupendous rides Marvel has put together.

See Anthony Mackie as the Falcon in Avengers: Age of Ultron in theaters May 1st.

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Captain America: Civil War opens May 16th, 2016.