EXCLUSIVE: Tyrese Explains His “Green Lantern Mission” and the WB Lot Picture



Tyrese has been on a recent “mission”, since January, wanting to play the role as John Stewart in the 2020 Green Lantern movie (not calling it a reboot, as it NEVER EXISTED). He’s fueled the fire with a few vague Instagram posts and some potential “shade” to actor Idris Elba. In an EXCLUSIVE interview with Tyrese, VixenVarsity was finally able to find out once and for all how this Green Lantern mission started, and of course about the INFAMOUS photo taken at the WB lot.

So just how did the Tyrese “Green Lantern mission” come to fruition? According to Tyrese, he’s “innocent”, he was at “home eating cereal” so don’t blame him. It all started with a few fans on Instagram and the fuel from several sites out there that caused these rumors to swell.

“Well, first thing I will say, is that it was two fans online that sent me direct messages on Instagram, with me as Green Lantern. They started it. And it’s nothing like a comic book fan getting excited about someone that they can see playing one of their favorite comic book heroes.” Tyrese continues and proclaims his innocence with, “As far as I’m concerned, I’m innocent. I was at home, relaxing, eating a bowl of cereal, and then I started getting direct messages with me as Green Lantern. So naturally, because I liked it, I put it up on my timeline, and then that’s when everything started.”

Well played, Sr. Tyrese “Troll” Gibson. All it took was a few Instagram posts with cryptic captions to get several sites up and running articles about Tyrese taking up the mantle as John Stewart aka Green Lantern. VixenVarsity was definitely one of those sites. After seeing publications running these articles, Tyrese decided to “have fun with the fans”, and of course with the sites that were keeping his name out there.

“I started putting my feelers out there, getting some energy going, and next thing you know, it ended up being on every website, everywhere, just like ‘Green Lantern, Green Lantern, Tyrese as Green Lantern. John Stewart!'” Tyrese admits that he “just ran with it and had fun with the fans” and his fans “really wanted him to do it” and they thought he’d “be awesome.”

And with the thoughts of his fans in mind, Tyrese says that since he’s, “almost at 5 billion dollars of box office receipts under my butt from all these movies. ” He quickly clarifies and says, “While I never starred in every single movie, I’m in them.” So figuring that $5B domestically and internationally, Tyrese believes, “I think I could strap up, put on a Green Lantern suit, take the oath, and put the ring on and do my dizzle. So, I said ‘f*ck it, let’s rock’.”

Now what about that infamous WB lot picture? Did Tyrese troll the fans and the sites out there? Judging by his response, it seems like it.

“I went to the Warner Brothers lot, I did go up there to have a meeting,” Tyrese explains, “I won’t tell anything, not gonna speak about what the outcome of the meeting was, but I went to have a meeting, a little something.”

After our interview, sure enough, Tyrese went back on Instagram and did a few posts about Green Lantern, captioning how the “oath has been taken”. Of course the Green Lantern rumor started buzzing again with mixed emotions from fans. This guy surely knows how to get his troll on, doesn’t he?