#BlackComicsMonth – April 7th – Blacks in Comics – Marvel Comics Preview : Storm #10



New #BlackComicsMonth titles are coming this week. Up first we have the woman who started it all, Storm. You know what’s SUPER DOPE about this Storm series, well besides the fact that she’s a beautiful black woman who controls the weather, rocks a kick-ass mohawk and is just THEE “flyest” woman out there…an Asian writer is penning this Storm series. How’s THAT for diversity in comics? Unfortunately, I have some bad news. Storm is going to be on the shelf for a while during this whole Secret Wars event. Will Storm be coming back with her own series? Not sure, but what we CAN do is pick up a ton of books and still spread the word!  Check out the preview from Storm #10 written by Greg Pak with art from Victor Ibanez, Al Barrionuevo, Neil Edwards and Ed Tadeo.


STORY BY: Greg Pak
ART BY: Victor Ibanez, Al Barrionuevo, Neil Edwards, Ed Tadeo
COLORS BY: Ruth Redmond
LETTERS BY: VC – Cory Petit
COVER BY: Stephanie Hans
PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics
RELEASE DATE: April 8th, 2015





• Storm has been traveling the globe, bettering the world for man and mutant alike…
• But what happens when a familiar figure whom she failed in the past returns, seeking recompense?

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