Image Comics Postal Issue #1 Review



POSTAL takes place in the small town of Eden, Wisconsin. A fictional town made up of former criminals looking for a new start at life. Nearly every one from the Mayor and the Pastor to the short order cook and the waitress at a local diner has a sordid past they’d much rather forget. However, they’ve chosen to center the story around the town’s Postman, an autistic man named Mark. For someone so obsessed with order and making sure things are in its right place, he always finds himself in the wrong place and saying the wrong thing. We get the pleasure of spending the first part of Issue #1 learning the characters through his eyes. We get to learn how Mark sees the world and how the people of this town effect his life, we learn that his mother is Mayor, we learn that he has a crush on the waitress named Maggie from the diner he visits everyday at lunch, we learn that he notices everything that happens to be out of place, no matter how insignificant we may think it is, and we learn that he never stops asking questions.

When Mark notices a difference in the color of mud on a residents, named Daniel Messersmith’s tires, Marks inability to stop asking questions leads him to a small house right outside of town where he comes across a house full of masked people making drugs. When one of them spots Mark looking through the window, he pulls out a shotgun fires it, hitting Mark in the shoulder. Fortunately, he makes it back to the local diner where Maggie bandages him up. Even though he’s in pain and his life is in danger, he can’t stop observing and asking questions. When his mother finds out he’s been shot they call the sheriff and decide to find out what happened. Mark informs them that he noticed a small tattoo on the hand of the man that shot him, he’s positive that it was Messersmith.

This is when things take a dark turn. Messersmith is executed in front of everyone at the local church for being a “serpent” in their Eden. As Mark makes his way out of the church, he sees his mother standing over the lifeless body of a strange woman he had never seen before. Mark knows exactly how many people live in this town and the only things on his mind now are finding out who this girl is, and who killed her.

Even though POSTAL appears to be a classic “whodunnit” crime story, it’s an interesting take on one of the hardest stories to tell from a perspective that has for the most part been grossly ignored. Writers Bryan Hall and Matt Hawkins do an excellent job of illustrating Marks difficulties while also highlighting how smart, capable and creative he is. Everything about Mark’s condition isnt bad, and we learn how it may even help him solve the crime in front him.