#BlackComicsMonth April 30th: Johnnie Christmas – Pisces #1 Review



Pisces has me lost right now. Lost in translation? Lost in space? Lost in the sauce? No clue. Now being lost isn’t necessarily a bad thing when it comes to Pisces, but it does leave me scratching my head big time.

Pisces is written by Kurtis J Wiebe, drawn by Johnnie Christmas and colored by Tamra Bonvillain. Even though I am beyond confused, the trio team works. Perfect colors to go with the amazing skills of Christmas. The art is outstanding. Not only do you see the anguish, disgust, hurt on several faces throughout the issue of Pisces, you feel legitimately sorry for the protagonist, Dillon Carpenter.

Pisces page 1

Pisces page 1

Pisces opens up on a “dark and rainy night”. You see someone drinking and driving, who’s bleeding through their bandages and ends up at the hospital, or should I say rear-ending the back of an ambulance.


Upon entering the hospital, the band-aid man is just dripping blood all over the (more than likely just cleaned) hospital floor. Mr. Band-Aid man straightens himself up, regardless of the fact that his face is leaking blood and inquires about someone else who’s in the hospital.

Wait. What? I guess me bleeding from my eye sockets and my forehead are the least of my worries.

By page 5, we find out that Mr. Band-Aid man’s real name is Dillon and we also find out that he pissed off someone and said person commences to lay the smackdown on him.



Without going into spoiler territory, there’s a reason why this gentleman beats the snotty blood out of Dillon. As you start getting a bit excited about what’s going on your YANKED right out of the future? past? present? and taken on a “trippy” underwater ride. This is when you start your “lost” quest. After almost drowning, Dillon emerges during the Vietnam War.


Time travel is just not my friend, we’re in the past for SURE this time and you see that Dillon has definitely suffered a ton of PTSD. There’s a lot of blood and killing in this first issue (Christmas knocked those death scenes out the park.) Is this one of the reasons Dillon was drinking in the opening sequence? Not sure, but Pisces does a fantastic job of just giving you bits and pieces without giving you a full explanation. In this issue, I believe we were given a taste of the past, present and future of Dillon Carpenter.

The reason I was super hyped for Pisces, because it was billed a “psychological body horror”, I gotta tell ya…there’s definitely no horror going on in this first issue. Only thing that was semi creepy was someone with a very disgusting neck “rash”. My assumption is their building up to the scare…I hope.

While I was absolutely lost reading Pisces, I did notice a few things that are connected. This red tie that he wears in the beginning shows up during the war, but on someone else and there’s something going on with rain and water. Might be nothing, then again…might not.

What I can tell you is that I was okay with being lost and confused while reading Pisces. I still have to hype up the fact that Christmas’ art and Bonvillain’s coloring was a match made in heaven. I’m here for Pisces, despite the confused look on my face. Here’s hoping issue #2 will help with the confusion.