#BlackComicsMonth: May 6th – James F Wright – Nutmeg #2 Preview


Tomorrow one of my favorite BlackComicsMonth titles will be available for purchase. James F Wright and Jackie Croft’s, Nutmeg is published by Action Labs and holds a special place in my heart. Nutmeg can be described as Breaking Bad meets Mean Girls. Don’t come between teenagers and bake sales! Check out the preview of Nutmeg 2 below, issue #1 can be previewed here.


Nutmeg #2
STORY BY: James F. Wright
ART BY: Jackie Crofts
COVER BY: Jackie Crofts
PUBLISHER: Action Lab Comics
RELEASE DATE: May 6th, 2015







Fall, Part 2: “…And Everything Nice:” After some initial trepidation, Poppy takes her first step on the dark side, deciding to go through with Cassia’s plan to sabotage rival Saffron’s Brownie Brawl fundraiser—and Saffron’s chances with local heartthrob Bobby Benson—using some strategically-placed baked goods, and just a dash of malice.

You’re going to want to put Nutmeg on your pull list. If Nutmeg isn’t available at your local comic book store, ask them to order it for you. In the meantime, check out the review for Nutmeg #1 here!

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