#BlackComicsMonth: May 6th – Nutmeg #2 Review



Nutmeg #2
James F. Wright & Jackie Crofts
Action Lab Entertainment, 25 pgs, $3.99
Reviewed by Tiffany M. Davis

Steppin’ to the bad side…ooh ooh oooooh…

The plot thickens as Cassia and Poppy return in issue #2 of the cult favorite Nutmeg. .

Cassia and Poppy, after yet another interaction with nemesis Saffron Longfellow and the Lady Rangers, have committed to poisoning a batch of brownies….and blaming it on the Saffron and the Lady Rangers (a bootleg version of the Girl Scouts), who are woefully underselling their wares during this year’s Brownie Brawl fundraiser. Cassia’s grandmother owns the town’s popular bakery, which gives the two girls access to whatever ingredients they need to carry out their plan: in this case, large quantities of nutmeg, which is poisonous in large amounts. The brownies are delivered to unexpected recipients and accompanied by a note that is allegedly from Saffron.


While the introductory flashback serves to confuse more than enlighten, this issue wastes no time jumping into the dark undertones of the plot. A pivotal scene is where Cassia and Poppy are in the girls’ bathroom after another run-in with Saffron and company. Cassia once again approaches Poppy with the poisoning idea while Poppy is washing her hands. Poppy raises her clean hands, stares at them, and agrees to Cassia’s plan–while staring at herself in the mirror. This was epic writing and story framing that says so much with so little. Kudos to Wright and Crofts for this 1-2 punch in what is the best scene in the issue.

The plot twist with Bobby Benson, the object of Saffron’s affection who seems to have taken a shine to Cassia–setting up yet another showdown– was also well done, and lends a disturbing admiration for the mind of Cassia. Indeed, her willingness to go that far in getting revenge and the effective simplicity of her schemes makes her one of the more interesting characters in the series. Another to watch is Ginger, the noir story-loving student who seems to be on the fringes of Saffron’s circle. Ginger’s appearance in this issue seems to be foreshadowing a potential ally in the Cassia/Poppy-Saffron/Lady Rangers war. I can’t wait.

Sociopathic teenagers with baking skills in a sleepy little town, and the corruption of the innocent. It’s very Breaking Bad (or Baking Bad). What’s not to like? Grab Nutmeg’s second issue when it hits the stands. And while the brownie recipe in the issue looks promising, I’d advise adding a lot less nutmeg.


Tiffany M. Davis, who also writes under the pen name Tee Emdee, is the author of the Bastille Family Chronicles series, which includes the newly released Theastille Famiy Chronicles: Dominic, and the Sebastian Scott novels. She lives in the Atlanta, GA area with her polydactyl cat, Mr. Nibbles, and is a fan of aikido and the Oxford Comma. She has a tendency to wild out, Blerd style, on Twitter.