#BlackComicsMonth: June 2nd – Blacks in Comics – Lee Lambert – ACTION COMICS #41 Preview



Tomorrow there will be a new person with the initials “L.L.” coming into Superman’s life, a beautiful woman named Lee Lambert. Lee Lambert is an African American firefighter who lives in Kal-El’s neighborhood. Lee is described as a ton of fun and this has been the 1st time that there’s ever been a character of color in any Superman book that carries the initials “L.L.”

Lee Lambert will appear in Action Comics #41 from Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder, here’s a sneak peek of Lee meeting Kal-El for the first time.




Heading into DC Comics New DC Universe this June, a lot has happened to SUPERMAN lately, both good and bad:

· Good – A new super power (“super-flare”)

· Bad – Leaves him powerless for at least 24 hours, then his powers gradually return

· Good – Gets to experience true humanity for the first time (junk food, alcohol)

· Bad – Looks like his secret identity’s finally been outed (But why?)

· Good – the impact of these changes will be felt across all “Super” family titles

· Good – New friends get introduced to his supporting cast!

Pick up this (now) #BlackComicsMonth title tomorrow and let’s see where things may head with this new “L.L.” in Supe’s life.