#BlackComicsMonth: June 6th – Malice in Ovenland #2 Review


Malice in Ovenland 2 Micheline Hess Rosarium Publishing 1
“Malice in Ovenland” is back at it again with Issue #2.

We return back to the world created by Micheline Hess, starring the adorable and resilient Lilly. We begin this issue with Lilly, scared out of her wits and being summoned to meet the biggest Oven Frite of them all – Queen Addieposaria. Through Addieposaria, Lilly (and the reader) are able to learn the history of the Oven Frites.

Hess’s art does a spectacular job of not only following along with the dialogue and action of the story, but creating another layer to this tale for readers to follow along with.Lilly, being the “Outlander”, is confronted by Queen Addieposaria and questioned about the lack of grease in the Kingdom. The execution of this scene, from the art to the dialogue, is where Hess’s talent for storytelling truly shines.

Though the series is written for a younger audience in mind, I found myself enjoying it as well. Hess plays up on the child’s perspective beyond Lilly’s reactions – she gives you the full experience. I can’t tell you how great it was to see her play with the food in this series.. Anyone that’s ever had a battle with their parents at dinnertime over finishing that last bit of vegetables can relate to this.

Lilly is able to find companions along the way that help her to overcome the challenges she faces on her quest to escape (dungeons and misunderstandings, galore). By the end of the issue, I was left on the edge of my seat with an even bigger cliffhanger than at the end of issue #2. I can’t wait to see what Hess has planned next, and once you read this, you will be wondering the very same thing.