#BlackComicsMonth Is the POSTAL Series Headed to TV?



VixenVarsity and #BlackComicsMonth has been a HUGE supporter of Top Cow’s POSTAL written by Bryan Edward Hill and Matt Hawkins with art from Isaac Goodhart, since day one. These series of tweets from Matt Hawkins sortakinda alludes to the fact that the POSTAL series is headed to TV.

Well, well, so it seems we’ll have not ONE but TWO announcements for TV series being picked up based on some of our stuff. Expect formal announcements soon, but since I’m not allowed to reveal it yet let me just say “think your tank is in the mail.” =p Shhh.

Think Tank is a series from Top Cow written by Matt Hawkins and drawn by Rahsan Ekedal.


The second part of those tweets “in the mail”, makes me believe that POSTAL is the series Hawkins is speaking on as the main protagonist in the POSTAL series is an Asperger’s post office worker.

Postal #1 Page 3

Postal #1 Page 3

Could Hill’s and Hawkins’ POSTAL be headed to the TV screen? I believe so. Am I excited? HELLS YEAH!

Dear Bryan and Matt, we’ll continue to support you both and POSTAL here on VixenVarsity.com and BlackComicsMonth.com!

If you haven’t checked out POSTAL yet, you can read issue #1 free here.