#BlackComicsMonth – June 30th – Blacks in Comics – Marvel Preview – Ultimates #1



Today, there was a massive leak of Marvel’s post Secret Wars line-up. One of the titles that caught my eye was Ultimates #1. It is a very diverse group that has some very heavy hitters, and one seemingly surprising member. Looking at the cover, it looks like the team will be made up of Black Panther, Spectrum, Blue Marvel, Miss America, Captain Marvel, and ummm Galactus. Yeah, didn’t see that coming either.

With Al Ewing writing, and Spectrum and Blue Marvel being on the team, this seems to be the successor to Ewing’s Mighty Avengers. The Mighty Avengers was another diverse group, which was led by Luke Cage. I really enjoyed that book, as it focused on some of the characters that Marvel seems to have ignored some over the years.

Ultimates #1 has another lineup that has been criminally ignored by Marvel. I hope this book gets a genuine chance to succeed. The lineup is definitely diverse. Seems to be a little bit of something for everybody. The true wild card is Galactus. What part will he play? He isn’t much of a team player(He is the eater of worlds, literally), so why would he be teaming up with this group? I guess we will just have to wait until October to find out. I, for one, can’t wait.