#BlackComicsMonth: August 25th – Swords of Sorrow: Rawhide’s Revenge Review



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*spoilers below*

One review of Dynamite Entertainment’s Swords of Sorrow just wasn’t enough. Though the miniseries itself only lasts six issues, the world of female badassery continues. This time, it’s writer Mikki Kendall’s first (but hopefully not last) mainstream comic story, with accompanying art by Ronilson Freire.

Like the rest of the Swords of Sorrow franchise, Rawhide’s Revenge centers on the unlikely partnership of two equally fierce and not always friendly heroines to fight against some evil that’s lurking in the shadows, not too far away. Lady Rawhide hails from 1832 Mexico, while Miss Fury comes from 1942 New York City, but the two manage to come together with minimum complications – but considering the danger that is growing ever closer, these two don’t have the luxury of trying to make sense of the hand they have been given.

In fact, Rawhide’s Revenge doesn’t leave the female badassery to just the heroes. The villains enjoy the advantages of an unlikely partnership – leading to one of the most entertaining showdowns in a mystical superhero story that I’ve in a long time. But the details that are carefully strewn into Rawhide’s Revenge make this issue shine – Kendall utilizes the richness and vibrancy of the culture where the story takes place, and in doing so brings the setting to just as much of the forefront as the characters we’re watching and rooting for. As Lady Rawhide comments, “I sent for a priest and a bruja. One of them will know what to do”.

In the end, we get a clear yet almost nostalgic image in the final panel – Lady Rawhide and Miss Fury, saddling up on their horses. They don’t waver at the unknown of where they’re headed, even in this strange land that they have been thrust into with little explanation as to why. Instead, we’re comforted by the image of the sword – gifts that both heroines received shortly after arriving. We’re left with Lady Rawhide’s final words of “I can feel the sword pulling me in this direction”, and there’s an odd comfort in that. We believe in the power of that journey that they are embarking on, and feel that they can overcome the danger that rests before them.

Swords of Sorrow: Miss Fury & Lady Rawhide is available now!