#BlackComicsMonth 2016 – Day 1 – Jon Parrish – CLUSTERF@#K! #2 Preview


Writer: Jon Parrish
Artist: Steven Forbes, Nic J Shaw, Diego Toro
Pencils: Diego Toro
Inks: Diego Toro
Colored by: Kote Carvajal
Genres: Action/Adventure, Supernatural/Occult
Digital Release Date: October 8, 2014
Publisher: Alterna Comics




Now being chased by D.E.P.D agents, Jim and Karl retreat into the neighboring town of Simpson. They leave the goatman apprentice with a friend to figure things out while they go to finish other business. Meanwhile, Director Reid has to make an uneasy truce with Ezekiel Washington, leader of the Crimson City Kings in Simpson, so his agents can follow the two investigators into what is locally known as “the Crimson City”.

CLUSTERF@#K! is available on Comixology and you can pre-order this title on Amazon.