Happy Anniversary #BlackComicsMonth



Today marks a year since #BlackComicsMonth launched and what an amazing year it has been! What started out as a hashtag to bring awareness to the site and black comic creators, evolved into something that I never thought could be possible. When BlackComicsMonth was created, it was only supposed to be 28 days of spotlighting black comic book creators. Halfway through February I had realized that 28 days just was not enough! The slogan was eventually changed to:

“Every Month is #BlackComicsMonth!”


Why the change? Well, black comic book creators release comics every. single. month.

#BlackComicsMonth was featured on AVClub, Buzzfeed and BlackSportsOnline. #BlackComicsMonth hashtag trended during February and it was even used by several publishers including:


Image Comics:

We even gave away comics via Comixology thanks to Dynamite Entertainment (SHAFT) and BOOM! Studios (Dead Letters).

By June #BlackComicsMonth had evolved into not just an online presence, but a standing room only comic con panel! Special Edition NYC had given BlackComicsMonth it’s first “big break” – a panel on diversity in comics. Greg Pak, Kim Gaines, Skuds McKinley, Alitha Martinez, Amy Chu, Valentine De Landro, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, Che Grayson and special guest Brian Michael Bendis.

A BlackComicsMonth: Diversity in Comics graced NYCC with another standing room only panel. Guests: Chad L Coleman (The Walking Dead), Afua Richardson, Mildred Louis, Scott Snyder, David F. Walker, Mikki Kendall, Shawn Pryor, Jeremy Whitley, Steve Orlando and Christine Dinh.

Both #BlackComicsMonth panel had donations from creators, publishers and even a comic book store totaling over 1,500 diverse comics. Every one who attended the panels left with at least 2 diverse comics in their hands as well as posters.

This month is the 1 year anniversary/birthday of #BlackComicsMonth and I plan on taking it up a few notches. Keep your eyes peeled to the BlackComicsMonth Twitter account as well as my Twitter for updates and announcements. I hope you’re ready to celebrate #BlackComicsMonth with us again!

I’m not doing #BlackComicsMonth for recognition, I just want to spread awareness of my talented brothers and sisters in the comic community. If you’d like to be featured during the #BlackComicsMonth anniversary celebration, shoot an email to blackcomicsmonth (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thank you all for your support.