#BlackComicsMonth 2016 : Day 2 – Get to Know Comic Creator Shauna Grant



BlackComicsMonth.com brings you a sitdown interview with Princess Love♥Pon creator, Shauna Grant.

BlackComicsMonth: Hi Shauna, thanks so much for joining us on #BlackComicsMonth. Can you introduce yourself to those who might not know about you and your talent?

Shauna J. Grant: Hi! I’m Shauna J. Grant, NYC native, and I specialize in creating super cute art. Right now I’m having a lot of fun creating my magical girl series Princess LovePon

Lovepon_comicpage_3BCM: Today we featured Princess LovePon, how’d you come up with the idea for this webcomic?

SJG: I wanted to create a magical girl story for a while. After tossing around ideas in my head, I just became attached to the image of losing one’s heart and what that would entail emotionally, and of course having someone to make sure there was a happy end to all this. If someone’s mission was helping other people work through their issues with love (and magical baddies!) how would that eventually affect their life? Their friendships? Their own romances? I wanted to create a super cute story of going through such experiences, while focusing on a character that may not usually get the spotlight– a young black girl!

BCM: Well we definitely appreciate what you’ve done so far. As we all know #RepresentationMatters. So what made you decide to make this a webcomic instead of perhaps pitching it to a publisher?

SJG: Honestly I chose to make this a webcomic because I always thought of Princess LovePon as my “practice” long form comic, if that even makes sense, haha! But it’s slowly been growing into something more deeper than that. Who knows, maybe one day I will pitch a more tightened version to a publisher!

BCM: Good luck with that, you definitely have our support here at BlackComicsMonth! I see that you’re on a hiatus currently, when is Princess LovePon coming back and what adventures are in store for her?

SJG: While I don’t have an official date just yet, Princess LovePon will be back before February is over, and I am currently working on chapter 3 now! While I won’t spoil everything, it will be a chapter more focused on Lia’s relationship with her best friend Rachel, as well as her new romance with Luis.

cash-and-carrie-shauna-grant-coverBCM: Sounds great, we can’t wait! Your work is amazing; are you a self-taught artist?

SJG: Thank you so much! I didn’t have any formal art classes until I went to high school! I had the pleasure of going to different portfolio classes and comic workshops, but I also attended the School of Visual Arts for my BFA degree! I still feel like most of my improvement has happened outside of school environments though, hahaha.

BCM: I really loved your variant cover for Cash & Carrie; it was my fave variant. What other work have you done and what might you have in the works?

SJG: I am so glad! I loved drawing a variant cover for Cash & Carrie! Recently I had the pleasure to do work for Boom! Studios and I am excited to see what becomes of it and work more with them in the future. 

BCM: BOOM! Studios? Nice. Can you share anything?

SJG: I don’t believe they’ve released anything yet, so I can’t show any pictures, but it’s an adorable variant cover for one of their series!

BCM: Good luck. I can’t wait to see your variant cover. Do you have any advice for anyone who’s interested in creating a webcomic and not sure if they should take that step or not?

SJG: The best advice I got about starting a webcomic is just do it! I know it’s hard, and it took me quite a while before I finally followed that advice as well, but it’s been well worth it and I’m still learning as I go.

BCM: Where can people find you online to share their love of Princess LovePon?

SJG: You can find my online portfolio at shaunadraws.com, on my tumblr at shupie.tumblr.com, and of courses on twitter @shaunadraws. For any other inquires feel free to drop me a line at shaunadraws@gmail.com! Thank you!