#BlackComicsMonth 2016 – Day 2 – Shauna Grant – Princess Love Pon Review


We all know that Black girls are magical. The magical girl genre is one that has impacted and inspired so many to reclaim their femininity and fight evil with the power of love and justice. But while the magical girl genre has helped so many to embrace their gender expression and identity, Black representation is still largely excluded from this genre. But there’s a title that’s about to change all of that.

Enter Princess Love Pon.

Princess Love Pon was created by Shauna J. Grant, and is a breath of fresh air when it comes to the webcomic game. It doesn’t shy away from being filled to the brim with pink, cuteness, and centering squarely on a Black girl heroine. By day, Lia is a lot like me and other girls that I know – she loves comics, video games, and hangs out with her best friend Rachel. She also has a not-so-secret crush on Luis. But one day she finds magical mascot Hunnie, who helps her to transform into magical girl Princess Love Pon. Together, Lia trains to become strong enough to fight the Dark Queen

The story is something that a variety of ages can appreciate – there’s a simplistic, slightly nostalgic, and sweet tone to the story. Lia’s a relatable character, and it’s her genuine interactions with her friends and desire to become the best superhero she can be that keeps you reading.

I also love the way that Grant expresses herself with color throughout the series. Though she uses primarily light tones  (white, black, and pink) in the main color scheme, Grant does this subtle but captivating shade adjusting – especially with the pink. Without even noticing it, Grant really adds depth to the comic by using different tones of pink that work with the story.

Princess Love Pon can be read on Tumblr.