#BlackComicsMonth 2016: Day 8 – Allen Thomas – Comic Reviewer



When #BlackComicsMonth was initially created, it was to spotlight 28 days of black comic creators and characters. Since then it has evolved to “Every Month is #BlackComicsMonth!”, NYCC panels and so much more. This year I wanted to spotlight not just creators, but also black comic content creators – podcasters, bloggers, comic reviewers, etc. With that said, I wanted to feature Allen Thomas, a comic reviewer over at Comicosity. Thomas has been featuring black comic characters in his Representation and Health 101 series and I wanted to take today to give Thomas the spotlight and feature his work. Hope you all enjoy!

Representation and Health 101: BATWING David Zavimbe

Welcome to the next installment of the Representation and Health Black History Spectacular! For today’s column, I wanted to focus on someone I was excited to read when he first appeared. He’s someone I enjoyed reading as New 52 rolled out, but I also think he addresses some important issues regarding Blackness and the different identities that compose it. So, this particular installment is going to highlight David Zavimbe, otherwise known as Batwing.

As Batman was gathering an international force to fight the organization Leviathan, he recruited David as an emissary of Africa (and we will definitely address this later), his first appearance in Batman Incorporated #5. He would go on to help Batman in his global fight against this criminal group, eventually gaining a solo presence in Batwing, one of the New 52 launch series. David would continue this stint for at least a year and a half until his title was given to Luke Fox, son of Lucius Fox, in Batwing #19.

David as a Bat is a very big deal. For one, no Black character has held the title even close to Batman, and branding him as part of the Bat-family is huge. We have a Black man close to one part of the DC Trinity, essentially cementing his importance in the DCU. Much like Sam Wilson becoming Captain America, these moves are important because they change the status quo of comics and challenge the idea that only White people can be at the top. However, there’s much more to David’s story.


Head on over to Comicosity to learn more about Batwing: David Zavimbe and follow Allen Thomas on Twitter.