#BlackComicsMonth 2016: Day 1 – B. Jon Parrish – CLUSTERF@#k Review



Story: Joe Parrish
Pencils/Inks: Diego Toro
Colors: Kote Caravajal
Letters: Nic J. Shaw
Script Edits: Steven Forbes
Published by: Alterna Comics

Clusterf@#k is defined as: “a disastrously mishandled situation or undertaking.”

Given how bits and pieces of the plot involve “our duo dodging Government agents as well as a vampire street gang, and one character having the power to transform into a demon while the other having the ability to make any situation worse.” This indeed proves it could be a formula for a clusterf@#k of a comic book.

Starting out, the art immediately grabs you with the loose Humberto Ramos/Terry Dodson resemblance and vibrant colors that open the volume up. Jim Parker and Karl Latimer read like the Quantum and Woody or Ted Kord and Booster Gold duo of recent memory. The pair go well together in this rousing adventure of demonic possession, Goat people that know magic, and nun-chunk wielding action.

clusterfuck-1-1Throughout the entire volume, Joe Parrish handles all of the characters involved with the right amount of story, humor, villainy, and heart. He plays with the structure of the road called the plot and our expectations along the way. There were definite moments spread over the six issues that go for the heartstrings and that’s one quality that helps define Clusterf@#k as a title…it has the vibe and tone of a mature Saturday morning cartoon movie.

While the general movie tropes of an action film are present, Jim being the more relevant player when the climax comes calling and personal demons (literally) coming for revenge he’s given the spotlight and that leaves Karl to pick up the more humors and quieter bits. Karl is the muscle of the group and for good reason! Only so many people can turn into a giant, bald, blue-winged demon in your life. He brings out the caution to jumping into trouble with Jim but can also hold his own with the best of them.

Joe and the entire art team crafts a world that anyone familiar with supernatural agents and other worldly creatures should feel comfortable with. The story itself takes us through city back alleys, ancient temples, and office buildings leading us through the next set piece and plot point. The art team consisting of Diego Toro and Kote Caravajal on pencils and colors respectively maintained the anatomy and structure of all the characters throughout. The demons look menacing, the action is easy to follow, and everything visually looks great by the time issue six concludes. The finale leaves more room for another Clusterf@#k adventure of demonic possessions and more do-gooder hijinks from Karl and Jim…and with the glimpse of a more deadlier future on the horizon for the pair.

Clusterf@#k is a romping horror filled humorous action-packed volume that leaves us wanting more and also works doubly as a one and done adventure. It’s worth the read and stands at three demonic killings out of five.

CLUSTERF@#K! is available on Comixology and you can pre-order this title on Amazon.