#BlackComicsMonth 2016: Day 9 – Derrick W. Johnson – Superior Senior Comic Strip


superior-senior-1Derrick Johnson has been making comics for years, but it wasn’t until 2007 that he began to publish his ideas to the web, on his website, www.coloredcomics.com.

Colored Comics began as a vehicle for Johnson to post all of his varied ideas: there’s Toadyhog a comic strip about a little girl and her crude imaginary friend, that happens to look like a troll; Boomerang, a semi-autobiographical comic of the “grim” prospects of moving back home after college; The Super Senior which found humor in the college-life of 5th 6th 7th year seniors; and last Random Acts of Boredom, which illustrated the random humor with a revolving cast of characters.

“I tried to recreate the feeling I got from reading the comics page as a kid, but with all of my own creations, reflects Johnson.

Throughout the day today, I’ll be posting a few of Johnson’s comic strips for each of his series. Up first, we have The Superior Senior.

superior-senior-1 superior-senior-2 superior-senior-3

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