#BlackComicsMonth 2016: Day 10 – Taneka Stotts – Full Circle Preview



Today’s focus for #BlackComicsMonth is the webcomic Full Circle from Taneka Stotts. Stotts has her hands in so many jars in the comics industry that deep down inside, I’m pretty sure she’s cloned herself. Recently Stotts was an assistant editor on the queer sci-fi/fantasy comic Beyond Anthology.

Taneka is a queer little tumbleweed that stopped rolling somewhere in Portland, OR. After spending quite a few years as a spoken word artist, she shifted her focus to comics which she has admired and loved since she was a little kid. Taneka writes the webcomic “Full Circle” and the minicomic “Love & Sprockets.” She has edited a few comics anthologies including most recently, Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales: Africa Edition.

Full Circle is an all-ages fantasy/adventure webcomic that follows Elsa and Rhadi and their adventures through the world of Ves. One wants to go home while the other wants to be anywhere but.

Writer: Taneka Stotts
Artist: Christianne Goudreau
Colorist: Genue Revuelta






Start reading Full Circle here. Stay tuned to BlackComicsMonth.com for an interview with Taneka Stotts and follow her on Twitter.