#BlackComicsMonth 2016: Day 13 – Get to Know Comic Creator Mikki Kendall



FoxyJB of FoxyJazzabelle catches up with awesome Black Feminist scribe Mikki Kendall for BlackComicsMonth.com! Get the scoop on Mikki’s latest projects and see her give aspiring writers insight on how to break into the industry!

FoxyJB: So! You’ve been QUITE the busy bee since we last spoke, between helping to chair WisCon, speaking on the BlackComicsMonth panel at NYCC, along with various writing gigs, including your one-shot “Swords of Sorrow” comic! How were those experiences, and which will you be doing again?

Mikki Kendall: WisCon was…a lot of work and stress. I am fairly certain I won’t be revisiting being a con chair, but I know better than to say never. I’m definitely going to panel again, and I have already written two more comic scripts for other projects. I love writing comics even though I am a total newbie!

Weedkiller-Prince-BlueFJB: Which books are those scripts for?

MK: The Princeless anthology and “Weedkiller” for the CCAD Student Anthology.

FJB: Columbus College of Art and Design? That’s awesome! How did you connect with them?

MK: Yes! I wrote an essay for Bitch Planet last year and Lauren McCubbinn from CCAD reached out and invited me to contribute.

FJB: Besides comics, are you still planning to release any of your own fiction prose, or are you with comics for the foreseeable future?

MK: Oh, I’m definitely planning to release original fiction, too! I’m just playing catch up now that we’re no longer displaced.

FJB: That’s great, because I remember when you were a guest on the Nerdgasm Noire podcast, and you gave your thoughts on the Vampire Diaries and the Originals, which makes me wonder if you’d create some kind of supernatural stories, especially with vampires. Will that be in the works once you’re caught up?

Weedkiller-Silphia-purpleMK: Yes! I have a Black vampire novel that I’m reshaping in hopes of being able to publish it.

FJB: YASSSS, THANK NUBIA! Because we need more sisters writing fiction lit with US IN IT! So, you got a novel, comic books, writing gigs for different news sites, and speaking engagements. How do you manage it all and stay sane?

MK: So that sane part…I’m actually starting to assemble a team of sorts between my agent, my husband, and the interns that I’m planning to take on very soon. I can do the writing part. The schedule wrangling and the website updating are VERY different stories!

FJB: As someone who shares content and creates content, I can empathize with that! Creating takes significant time, and then you have less time to put energy into the other necessary things. What advice would you give to those starting out, and/or those who aspire to write?

MK: I would suggest that they read a lot of the kinds of things they want to write, seek out other writers so that they can work with each other to improve their work. And that writers of color in particular use social media to build an audience, even as they attempt to pitch to traditional publishers.

FJB: Final question: #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan?

MK: #TeamBlackPanther. No, actually I find a lot of the premises of Civil War a little silly. Tony and Cap’s friendship hasn’t been fleshed out enough, and we haven’t gotten to see enough of Bucky with, well…ANYONE to get invested.

FJB: Good to see you keepin it Black for #BlackComicsMonth! Where can people find you?

MK: Y’all can find me on Twitter at @Karnythia, on www.mikkikendall.com, and “Weedkiller” in the CCAD Student Anthology and the “Princeless” Anthology coming soon to shelves in your local stores!

When she’s not freelancing for Black Nerd sites like BlackComicsMonth or creating and sharing content for her Blerd site FoxyJazzabelle, FoxyJB can be found on Twitter at @FoxyJazzabelle squeeing about her love of Vixen, Nubia, Harley Quinn and fried chicken. Oh, and she can probably beat you in Street Fighter.