#BlackComicsMonth 2016: Day 11 – Olivia Stephens – Alone Review


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Jack Salva carries around his broken heart in a world devoid of color since his wife Joyce died. We see him waking up, surrounded by memories of her and making his way to her grave to visit. We see Jack next, at work – he owns Vagabond Diner and Bakery. He’s talking to one of his customers, who is hell bent on setting him up when Sarah is introduced. She’s the new owner of the Revival Coffee shop next door. Almost immediately we see that Sarah’s presence has started to change Jack and open him up the possibility of love again.


Sarah’s gentle acceptance is instant and overwhelming to see. Olivia Stephens perfectly captures the nuance of new love without dismissing the old. The use of the color red, was beautiful and leading in a way that worked perfectly with the length of the comic. She was able to capture a diverse couple and a really tough topic in a smooth, kind way.

I would absolutely recommend this quick read – be careful, all of a sudden, there were onions everywhere at the end of the first chapter. What sold me was the storytelling, sometimes with romance, everything is too fantastical from the beginning. With this, you get to see very realistic view of what happens when you’re falling in love; from the kinds of questions you ask to how awkward your first kiss together can be.

It makes smile. It makes you root for Jack and Sarah. It makes you want to fall in love again. I’m nowhere near the end of the story but I’m enjoying it so much that I couldn’t wait to share. I hope you’ll give Alone a try. I’m glad I did.