#BlackComicsMonth 2016: Day 16 – FREE COMICS – Rashad Doucet – Alabaster Shadows #1 Preview



Who wants more free comics? Well enjoy Rashad Doucet’s Alabaster Shadows courtesy of Oni Press. Doucet graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design Sequential Art in 2009, he’s a professional illustrator and instructor. He’s freelanced for Oni Press, Zuda Comics, 803 Studios and several more. Today we’ll be featuring a few books by Rashad Doucet, make sure you follow him on on Twitter and thank Oni Press for the book!

Now let’s take a look at Alabaster Shadows, shall we? Check out the preview below and get details on how to pick up this free BLACKCOMICSMONTH comic!

Welcome to Alabaster Shadows, where all the houses look the same, but something’s definitely… different. Carter and his sister Polly are new to the neighborhood, and they can tell right away that the head of the Community Council, Miss Crowe, doesn’t like children at all. But with some kind encouragement from the mysterious Mr. Randolph, the Normandy kids explore their new home, keeping a lookout for anything strange or out-of-the-ordinary—like, say, an otherworldly water leak in the basement.

Alabaster Shadows #1
Written by: Matt Gardner
Art by: Rashad Doucet
Release date: December 9 2015
Publisher: Oni Press




Head on over to Comixology and pick up Alabaster Shadows and use code BLACKCOMICSMONTH to get the trade for FREE!!!