#BlackComicsMonth 2016: Day 22 – FREE COMICS – Jamal Igle – Molly Danger #1 Preview



There’s one week left of the BlackComicsMonth anniversary and Action Lab Entertainment has blessed the readers with 7 FREE COMICS!!! 5 Comics are by black comic creators and 2 feature black characters. Up first we have Molly Danger, a book written and drawn by Jamal Igle. Check out the preview below along with how to get this fantastic book for FREE!!!

Molly Danger #1
Written by: Jamal Igle
Art by: Jamal Igle
Inks: Juan Castro
Colored by: Romulo Fajardo, Jr.
Release Date: July 17 2013
Publisher: Action Lab Entertainment



She’s Strong, She’s smart, and she’s incredibly brave. She’s the protector of Coopersville, the Princess of Finesse, the petite powerhouse known only as Molly Danger!

She’s the hero you’ve been waiting for! Eternally child-like and inhumanly strong, Molly Danger has protected the citizens of the once sleepy town of Coopersville, New York for the past 20 years from the terror of the sinister Supermechs. But what secrets from her past threaten to destroy everything she holds dear when new D.A.R.T. recruit Austin Briggs becomes her pilot?

Find out in the exciting first chapter of this brand new creator owned series written and drawn by Inkpot award winner Jamal Igle (Supergirl, KISS, G.I. Joe), with inks by Juan Castro and colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Grab Molly Danger for FREE using code: BCM-ActionLab. Then pick up Molly Danger vol 1 on Amazon.