#BlackComicsMonth 2016: Day 23 – Turner Lange – The Adventures of Wally Fresh #1 Review



Throw in parts of “Half Baked”, “Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back”, “Friday”, a wee sprinkle of “Seinfeld”, and a spirit beaver, and what do you get?


You get a comical, trippy ride known as Wally Fresh’s life.
The Adventures of Wally Fresh centers around Wally, an unemployed guy who takes on a roommate named Barry, an unemployed spirit beaver. Jobless, they tend to get into the craziest situations with their nosy neighbor Valerie.


Or rather, Valerie and Barry get into the craziest situations and make poor Wally’s life miserable.

In this first issue, Wally’s getting ready for a date with a woman he met online— Valerie has LOTS of reservations about— while Barry and Valerie get high on shrooms while watching “The Secret of Nihm”; it’s only while stoned that Valerie’s concern turns to panic, and she convinces Barry that they have to save Wally from being kidnapped and murdered by his online ‘freckled beauty’!


And absolute hilarity ensues!

“The Adventures of Wally Fresh” is written and drawn by Turner Lange, and published by Rosarium Publishing. Get your copy today!