About BlackComicsMonth


Back in January (2015) I, MizCaramelVixen, had an idea to create a platform that would showcase Black comic book creators during the month of February, since it is Black History Month. #BlackComicsMonth was quickly put together within two weeks and in the beginning we spotlighted 28 days of Black creators. During the month of February, myself and several writers from VixenVarsity reviewed and interviewed the black comic creators; previews were also posted. After the first week, the response was amazing and I realized majority of the creators featured had books that would come out every month. So why only bring awareness to books once a year? Then I decided to expand #BlackComicsMonth…

Every month is BlackComicsMonth!!!

BlackComicsMonth.com is updated twice a week to promote new comics that are created by black creators either and comics featuring black characters.

#BlackComicsMonth was welcomed by big publishers (Marvel, Dynamite, Image, BOOM! and Dark Horse), other creators and of course those who love comics!

I reached out to the publishers and asked if they’d sponsor #BlackComicsMonth and give away a book or two. Only two publishers responded and gave away comics during the month of February. Comixology also got on board and donated Brandon Easton’s Watson and Holmes #6. Dynamite Comics gave away David Walker’s SHAFT #1 and BOOM! Studios released Chris Vision’s Dead Letters #1.

#BlackComicsMonth was featured on the AVClub, BlackSportsOnline and Buzzfeed! The hashtag was used widely and we were close to trending. On top of all these amazing things, the creators featured on #BlackComicsMonth donated books and prints to our #BlackComicsMonth giveaway!

I vowed to not let #BlackComicsMonth disappear and here it is almost June and BlackComicsMonth is still going on strong. Next month (June) we will have our FIRST #BlackComicsMonth: Diversity in Comics panel with several people who were featured during the month of February.

Just recently it was announced that Dark Horse Comics will be featuring #BlackComicsMonth for AN ENTIRE YEAR!!! Every month books will be given away courtesy of this publisher.

We look forward to what the rest of this year brings to BlackComicsMonth.com, won’t you join us in spreading the word and supporting these talented black creators?